Urges: A New Book for People Coping with Trichotillomania and other Mysterious Compulsive Disorders

Urges Book Urges book link Urges book at Amazon.com Order Urges e-book Gary Hennerberg takes you deeply inside his mind as he shares intimate thoughts about trichotillomania. This story reveals three approaches he has used to co-exist with compulsive hair pulling: his faith, self-acceptance, and the discovery and use of his gifts and talents. As a child, Gary thought he was the only person in the world who enjoyed pulling out hair. Today we know there may be 10 million or more people in the U.S. who skillfully conceal hairpulling and shamefully suffer in silence. While there is no known cure for trichotillomania, this is a book of hope and inspiration for people with trich and other mysterious compulsive disorders.

Urges features a Foreword written by Trichotillomania Learning Center Founding Director Christina Pearson.

The book has already received glowing praise from counselors and people in the trich community.

Gary has made the first chapter available for you to read on this website, along with an outline of the 25 chapters in this trichotillomania book.

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About the Cover Photograph

Throughout his book, Gary describes himself as a complex weave of fabric. Within that weave are imperfect threads … some frayed … some with multiple colors … others with multiple textures … some criss-crossed … each symbolizing the intricate wiring of our minds.

The cover photograph of the multi-colored scarf symbolizes the multiple textures and patterns of fabric that Gary uses to describe his life with trichotillomania.

The heart-shaped box is a reminder of the need for unconditional love for children and adults with trichotillomania or any other compulsive disorder. The photo on the tabletop is of Gary as a 9-year-old.

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