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Sometimes trich can consume you.  Listen now to this message of hope,comfort and trichotillomania support.

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Relaxation CD

Doses of Comfort CDIf you’re seeking treatment to relieve the urge to pull your hair, Doses of Comfort, a CD with 10 tracks of encouraging words and inspiration, can help you..  Topics on this 42-minute relaxation CD include:

  1. Your Complex Fabric  
    Imagine that you might peel away from your fabric the urge of pulling out hair. Reflect on who you are and your strengths, your deep inner beauty, and your glowing and radiant outer beauty.

  2. Overcoming the Shame of Hair Pulling  
    This message is dedicated to one of those agonizing issues we carry on our shoulders: immense shame.

  3. Unconditional Love  
    Unconditional love is a special kind of love. You are reminded of those people in your life and you are encouraged to reserve a special place in your heart for that love.

  4. Self-Acceptance  
    Accepting who you are is an important step in your journey. This message on Self Acceptance explores acceptance as part of your strategy to cope.

  5. Resetting Your Emotional Frequency  
    Worry and uncertainty may define the times, but you have the choice of how to respond to it. It’s not easy. This message helps you imagine a shield around you as radiance – a field of energy that you send out to help you.

  6. Building Self-Esteem  
    Self-esteem is how you value your self worth. When you look into a mirror your eyes probably go to the bald spots on your head, or your eyebrows or eyelashes. It’s easy to make those areas your focus. But there are other aspects of who you see and who you are that you may be overlooking.

  7. Finding Your Gifts and Talents  
    Recognizing and acknowledging your gifts and talents will open doors for you and give you a new focus.

  8. Being Assertive  
    The emotions that come with having trich often push us into a shell. We isolate ourselves as much as we can because we don’t want anyone to discover our mysterious urge. And with that isolation we become passive in how we deal with other people.

  9. Being Comfortable Around People  
    As a hair puller, it can be uncomfortable to be around people because you may be afraid of someone discovering your secret. But being around people is a fact of life. This message explores ways for you to gain confidence you need in social situations.

  10. Setting Yourself Up for Successful Thinking  
    You are already successful in your own unique way. Success isn’t about physical appearance. It’s about what’s inside of you. The beautiful person who you are. The person with a personality that is adored by people you know. Your attitude about life. And how you cope with trich.

You can download the CD to your iPod for listening anytime the urge to pull wells up inside of you. Your frequently asked questions about Doses of Comfort are answered here.
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