Trichotillomania is in the news
Now more than ever before!

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A Session with JJ - Episode #52 with Gary Hennerberg (6-4-10)

Radio Interview with Gary on WAMS BlogTalkRadio (5-7-10)

WCBSTV New York Healthwatch: The Mysteries of Trichotillomania (4-2-10)

Proposed DSM-V Changes for OCD and Anxiety Disorders (including Trichotillomania) . (2/10/10)

Click here to listen to an interview with Gary on the “It's Trichy” BlogTalkRadio show. 1/26/10

Orange County Register: The girl who stood in front of the train. 1/6/10  My hands were my enemies. 7/14/09  Help for Chronic Hair Pullers? 7/12/09

“Trichotillomania” as a Spelling Contest Word in California 5/16/09

Pittsburgh, PA, Television Station Story: Girl With Hair Pulling Disorder Finds New Life, Confidence 7/28/09  Girl, 13, Has 2-Pound Hair Clump Removed From Stomach 6/12/09  The Secret Mane Specialty Salon Feb. ’09

EmpowHER: Women’s Health Online 9/21/09

Disturbing Story about a 16 year-old with trich who was arrested 10/8/09

Film Screening in Los Angeles: Art Imitates Life 9/28/09  Getting to Root of Anxiety 10/21/09

N-acetylcysteine effectively treats trichotillomania symptoms 10/21/09

LA Amino acid may help trichotillomania sufferers 10/19/09

From the UK: An eyelash transplant for a 19-year-old with trichotillomania 10/28/09