Praise for Urges

What Others are Saying about Urges:

The trich community, including leaders of the Trichotillomania Learning Center, counselors, and a teenager, share their praise for Urges.  

Please feel free to share your thoughts about this book after you read it by contacting Gary.

Urge Back Cover“Gary provides a vivid account of the sensations and emotions of growing up with trichotillomania, the compulsion to pull out his own hair. His story is interwoven with richly detailed anecdotes of childhood on a family farm at the Nebraska and Kansas border in the 1960s.

“He grew up with strong faith and loving parents during a seemingly ‘simpler time’ in the American heartland, but life wasn’t so simple for a complex boy with a complicated problem. The urge to pull out his hair was a closely kept secret for most of his life and he describes how it impacted his development. The book also gives insight into his parents’ struggle to understand and help their child in an era when no one had heard of this disorder and no information or treatment was available.

“Ultimately, Gary’s memoir is a journey to self-acceptance. His Christian faith is an integral part of his experience and is expressed primarily in his advocacy of unconditional love. Readers will be heartened to learn that despite his struggles, the author has achieved a happy life with a strong marriage, children, and friendships.”

Jennifer Raikes
Executive Director
Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC)

"Many books have been written about trichotillomania from doctors, therapists and sufferers. This book defines trichotillomania from a man's journey through childhood to the present. Gary offers hope through his journey of spiritual healing. Young boys with trichotillomania have been largely ignored. Now they have a role model. This is a must read for anyone dealing with this devastating disorder."

Joan Kaylor, MSEd, LPC
Former hair puller, past TLC board member and trichotillomania counselor

“I have trichotillomania … I never thought that there would be others out there suffering as well. I was blessed to read Gary’s book and this book is truly incredible! His perseverance is astonishing, and it helped inspire me to talk to my Teen Leadership class about my struggle with trichotillomania. I read my class an excerpt from a chapter in this book, and they all thought it was amazing. Urges is one big emotional roller coaster, and I loved every second of it!”

Stephen, a hair puller, age 16

“This is a book on a subject something no one talks about. It is also a book about the power of faith, hope and prayer to transform even our most hidden issues into resurrection moments. As Gary shares his story and his struggle, he allows us to enter into the painful world of those who suffer from compulsive disorders. This book is about hope and the healing that can occur through bringing our darkest secrets into the light.”

Dr. Cindy Ryan
Pastor and Author

“Gary Hennerberg's book, Urges, not only offers hope and inspiration for people with trichotillomania, I believe the book is also the first written by a male about his own personal journey with TTM. Gary takes the reader directly into the mind and thinking of someone with TTM, from his first pull as a child to his final chapter he titled Turning Point, which brought tears to my eyes. His honest account of the emotions involved with wanting to pull, his detailed description(s) of buying a hair piece and later, shaving his head, and his deep faith in God that he was created with TTM, are all brought together in a journal-like fashion that not only brings comfort to myself, as I have TTM, but also would enlighten any reader to understand the complex nature of this affliction. I believe many of us will never forget the defining moment we discovered a medical name for what we did, trichotillomania. I highly recommend this book to anyone with TTM or to individuals who wish to learn about TTM. Those individuals, particularly male, that may be so fortunate to find Gary's book in the beginning of their journey will be encouraged to accept who they are and to be content, in spite of TTM.”

Suziemarie, a lifelong hair puller

“Dear Gary:
I loved your book and I have read just about everything in print on TTM; I even attended a TTM workshop a couple of years ago facilitated by Christina Pearson.
I still pull - my pulling has increased severely during the past few years (I think it's a combination of stress, lack of sleep, getting older,etc.). By the way, we are the same age.

Anyway, I cried at the end of your book. You have put comforting words to capture the horrific emotions, feelings and shame that accompany TTM. Thank you for sharing your story. I plan to order your CD today.”

God bless you always,

"I just came back from the conference on Trichotillomania. I bought your book and attended your workshop and am so glad I did. You have showed me that hiding can really affect healing. I am completely ready to not keep hair pulling a secret anymore. I read your book on my flight home and could not put it down. I finished it by the time I reached home, tears flowing down my face.

"You are an inspiration. Your words came along at a time I needed it most. Thank you, thank you so much."

Carmen, a hair puller for 12 years